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"Dr. Polan has superior knowledge and skills in the field of vision-correcting laser surgery."

David A. Wallace, M.D.

"I've been wearing glasses since I was 8 and finally I can see without them. Dr. Polan was immensely helpful in answering all my questions, coordinating my care, and introducing me to one of the nicest and most competent surgeons for my laser care. I am thrilled with the results." 

Benjamin Goldfarb, patient

"At first I was skeptical about the benefits of Vision Therapy, but I have to say the results were nothing short of spectacular. My occasional headaches from reading are a thing of the past. My tennis game, basketball, and softball have improved dramatically. Dr. Polan takes the time to explain each proceedure! He genuinely cares about his patients and the results they are getting!"

Eric Stockwell, patient

"I must have gone to 7 or more people trying to find an answer to my vision problems, and, the the process, it cost me a great deal of money. I am so thankful and happy I finally found you. The therapy is working and I am able to do things I never could before."

Sherry Adams, patient

“Hockey players, tennis players, and baseball players are just some of the athletes he has helped learn better eye performance.”

Jonathan B., patient

"Many people don't believe in eye therapy, but I do believe it works. I've been researching this for a long time, I have seen the proof. Dr Boxer Refered me to Dr. Polan for eye therapy. Eye therapy works for lazy eye and some other related issues. As long as we do our homework, it really works, because laziness is in the brain, not in the eye. I only have a small problem on my right eye but I am definitely committed to go every week. He is very knowledgable and personable, not like other doctors, mainly most of them rush people. My eye therapist Martha is very sweet and approachable. She worked with me very patiently at my first visit, we played fun games, and worked my eye. Each therapy sessions take 30 min. At the end, feels like your eyes worked out for hours. That way, you can feel that it works. I definitely found the right people."

S.G. , patient 

"Dr. Polan is an amazing eye doctor. Hes the sweetest and most patient doctor ive seen. The staff is also great and polite. I look foward my next visit"

Kathy W. , patient 

"Gary Polan and his office staff are very kind and competent. My lenses are the best ever.  After years of being dissatisfied with my vision, I am finally happy with my lenses."

Linda D., patient 

"Through the years i have always received wonderful care at this office. My last visit was a perfect example of how Dr. Polan combines passion and patience. I won't forget how committed you were to get me to 20/20. The happiness you felt upon reaching that status made me understand that I have the best eye doctor there is. Thanks so much."

Mark H. , patient 

"Thank you for all of your kindness, and your expertise, that you have shown me through out the years. I am so grateful that you are my eye pro!"

Sharon , patient 

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